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The 5 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Dogs bite approximately 4.5-million people every year, that is according to American Veterinary-Medical Association.  5 Dog-breeds that bite people most often include:

dog1.Pit Bulls
Pit Bulls have a well earned reputation for being the most-aggressive dog breed. A CDC-research attributes about 66-deaths to Pit Bull-bites and related attacks. The study shows that about 94 percent of pit-bull attacks are usually unprovoked, which makes this dog breed one-of the most dangerous breed. This breed is solely responsible for about a third of all dog-bites in the United States. Pit-Bulls are usually vicious and very aggressive. They are often-bred for illegal-dog-fighting. They also have a tendency of attacking small animals and children. It’s for this reason, many nations have banned the pit-bull breed.
(A real life dog bite incident: Pamela-Devitt passed on after a Pit Bull bit her 150 to 200 times in-California. The Pit bull owner Alex-Jackson was later charged with murder. Alex, “according to the-police” knew that his dogs were very vicious and they had also attacked other people earlier.)

2. Rottweilers
Rottweilers are very powerful dogs. In a CDC-study, Rottweilers were proven-to be responsible for about 39-fatalities. In the year 2011, 4 deaths were reported-to have resulted from this breed’s bite. Rottweilers are currently banned in Romania, Ireland and Poland, among various other countries. Usually the aggression this breed displays comes from their natural-guarding instincts and territorial aggression. A shocking study reveals that the Rottweiler breed kills about 1 citizen every 87-days in the United States. The bite-force of Rottweilers is much higher than that of most other breeds at 328-pounds of bite-force. In just 4 years (between 1979 and 1982) there were about 24,195 reported-cases of the Rottweiler breed bites. (A real life incident: In the year 2010, Lesley-Banks passed on after a Rottweiler bit her.)

3. German Shepherds
German Shepherds are usually large in size. With about 17-fatalities attributed to this breed, they’re definitely among the most dangerous-dog breed to be around. They’re also notorious-for biting other smaller dogs. A German Shepherd bite is the 2nd strongest bite amongst all dog breeds, after the Rottweilers. The bite has a force-of about 238-pounds. (A real life incident: A German-Shepherd dog in Appleton, bit a mail-man twice over-a-period of 7 months.)

4. Cocker Spaniels
Cocker Spaniels are basically fun loving, playful and also good natured-pets. They are among the most popular dog-breeds to keep as-pets. However, they’re notorious for biting-people. A study done by the Cambridge-University showed surprising-results: The solid colored cocker-spaniels were more-likely to be aggressive. In Palm Beach-County in the year 1992, this dog breed accounted-for about 59 bites out-of the 2,234 reported cases, 40 percent of the victims were under 10 years of age. (A real life-incident: A cocker-spaniel in Wharton once bit a 52-year old woman on the-leg. She later suffered from the puncture wounds and was hospitalized.)

5. Great Danes
Just as the name itself suggests, these dog breed is Great. They are very huge. They hold the world’s-record for being some of the tallest dogs with the biggest-one measuring about 44-inches from paw-to-head. The size of this dog breed makes their bite even more hazardous. However, this breed isn’t very-aggressive and they are often referred-to as the gentle-giants.’ They’re still ranked 9th on the CDC-list of dogs which bite the most. They account for 9-fatalities in a period of less-than 20 years. ( A real life-incident: A Great Dane once bit a 17 month old-baby inside a pet-store in Wisconsin.)

The 5 Most Common Medical Malpractice Mistakes

stitchIf you are a healthcare worker, one of the things you should be on the lookout for is having malpractice suites lodged against you. This has numerous effects, including having to pay heavy penalties, having your license revoked and even developing a reputation bad enough that you may never have the opportunity to work again. One of the ways of avoiding such problems is by simply identifying some of the common reasons why people lodge such lawsuits, and then trying to avoid them as much as possible. Some of the ones you need to keep in mind include:

Not providing enough information about drugs that you are prescribing

If you are a doctor or any other kind of healthcare worker, you will need to prescribe drugs from time to time. In the past, how this was done was solely the preserve of the doctor; he or she simply dictated what the patients should get and that was final. These days, it is expected that this is a shared process between the doctor and patient. If you don’t provide enough information about issues such as how the drugs work and what their side effects are, you may end up being sued.

Not gaining consent before performing a procedure

Whether you are doing a minor procedure such as a physical exam of a major one such as surgery, it’s important that you gain the necessary consent. This is a legal requirement which if not done properly can subject you to extremely punitive lawsuits.

Providing care outside of approved protocols

Whenever you are practicing medicine, it’s important that you always figure out which protocols you need to adhere to, and then make sure that you follow them. This might seem tedious, but will help you avoid having to be taken to court by clients.

Practicing without the necessary licenses

In addition to that, you also need to keep in mind that in order to practice medicine, you will need to have the license to do this. If you don’t, you may end up being sued by various bodies, including the regulatory body in the country that you are working in. This can also happen if you start practicing a type of medicine that your license does not cover.

Practicing under the influence of drugs or alcohol

When one is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they are usually not in the state of mind necessary to make proper decisions. In such cases, handling someone’s health might not be very wise, since it means that the chances of making mistakes are higher. Even if a doctor ends up managing a patient properly, the fact that he or she did it while under the influence of alcohol could be the basis for such a lawsuit.

These are some of the commonest reasons why one would be taken to court for malpractice as a lawyer. As you can see, most of the things that can result in this are very straightforward, and can be avoided by simply making sure that you are prudent in your practice.

Workers Compensation Basics That You Should Know

digger1Work-related accidents are usually inevitable. There are numerous employees that suffer from a wide range of job-related accidents time after time. However, it is important to understand that if you have suffered from any kind of injury or disability due to work related accident that has been caused due to negligence of your employer or any other person at place of work you are entitled to ideal compensation. On the other hand, it is also essential to ensure that you understand the workers compensation basics when planning to pursue this kind of lawsuit. Here are some of the fundamentals that you need to know about this particular claim;

It is vital to hire an attorney

Pursuing this kind of court case can be very difficult and demanding. This is because it involves numerous procedures to establish whether or not you are indeed entitled to this particular type of compensation claim. Hiring a Lansing personal injury lawyer that has specialized in handling workman’s compensation lawsuits is advantageous since he will ensure that the court case is efficient and eventually successful. This is because this kind of legal professional has all the necessary qualifications, experience and expertise in handling such cases thus making it easy to attain desirable results.

You are entitled to more than medical cover

This is another important element that you need to comprehend about workers compensation basics. In most cases, several employers usually decide to take care of the medical costs of the casualty without necessarily thinking about other aspects surrounding this kind of case. Therefore, ensure that the employer also provides other benefits apart from medical costs such as allowing you to work while injured and paying you if you cannot work at all among others.

Understanding the lawyer’s fee is indispensable

When you have chosen an attorney to help you in pursuing this kind of court case, it is fundamental to know that he will need payment for his services. In numerous cases, many lawyers usually prefer to charge their clients based on the total percentage of that particular compensation. You should therefore ensure that you clearly calculate the possible amount of money that you will be able to receive inform of compensation. This is necessary since it will make it possible for you to know the approximate amount of money you will be able to obtain after paying the attorney. The significance of this is that it will allow you to choose whether settling for this kind of case by hiring a lawyer in the courts is worthwhile or not.

The workers compensation laws differ from state to state

This is another important basic about this kind of case that you need to know. The laws governing this type of case vary from one state to another and change more often. This basically implies that you need to ensure that you understand all the clauses regarding this type of case in the state you reside in before actually deciding to take any action. This will enable you to make informed choices in any eventuality surrounding this case.

Simple Tips on How to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

crosswalk1Traffic accidents happen all the time. This is an unpleasant fact. However, a bit of caution can easily prevent some of these traffic accidents and prevent the need to involve insurance companies and attorneys. This means that you can save many lives and thus, avoid legal trouble. You just need strategies on how to cope with a variety of road users. For example, pedestrians account for a high proportion of deaths due to traffic collisions. In 2010, more than four thousand pedestrians died, a four percent increase from the figures released in 2009. We need to do something to curb this rising death toll among pedestrians. Here is how to avoid pedestrian accidents.

Slow Down When Approaching Pedestrians

Judging the distance between you and a pedestrian is not easy. You can miscalculate the distance and then hit your brakes when it is too late to avoid an accident. You may also misinterpret the intentions or actions of a pedestrian. For example, some pedestrians may be rushing to work or to some important meeting. These pedestrians rarely think about cars and safety. The only thing they think about is where they want to be. You may hit them unintentionally if you think that they will stop for you to pass. Remember, beeping or flashing your car lights at a pedestrian will not always work but slowing down each time you approach them will.

Be Careful When Making a Turn

Making a turn is always problematic for any driver. This is why many accidents including pedestrian deaths occur while drivers are making a turn. You should not suffer from a similar fate. You can easily avoid this fate by slowing down when making a turn while keeping an eye out for any pedestrian. You should also be alert as well as ready to act because taking evasive measures while making a turn can be very difficult. Never make a turn at night without flashing your headlights or beeping your car horn. This will alert any pedestrian of your presence and they will quickly move out of your way.

Take Extra Care during Bad Weather

Bad weather makes it extremely difficult for you to see the road. It may also damage your car engine and other motor parts if you do not service your car on a regular basis. This means that your safety and that of the pedestrians you will come across is at stake. This is because your car can easily lose control and hit unsuspecting pedestrians. Your brake fluid could also give out and as such, your ability to stop at crosswalks may be temporarily impaired. Take a raft of precautions during bad weather to avoid such regrettable scenarios. To start with, service your car more regularly. Keep your windshield clear of any debris and finally, apply your brakes earlier than you normally do when stopping for pedestrians.

Watch Out For Children, the Physically Impaired and the Elderly

This is perhaps the most important precaution on how to avoid pedestrian accidents. This is because the people mentioned above cannot react quickly to an approaching vehicle. Children, for example, usually suffer from fear or shock when a car is approaching them at high speed. This fear or shock slows down their ability to react. The physically impaired may correctly judge a situation but they cannot react as quickly as other people can. The same goes with elderly pedestrians. Therefore, you must be extremely caution when you see these pedestrians on the road. Slow down when you approach them and use your car horn respectfully if necessary.

These are simple and effective precautions on how to avoid pedestrian accidents. Make use of them and you will avoid pedestrian accidents.